Please contact us for contract pricing. 



  • All orders received after 12 pm eastern standard time will be processed the next day

  • All jobs must be in writing and have a quote and PO number

  • Production Schedule: 7-10 working days upon approval of Quote, Artwork, and Garment Approval.

  • All Merchandise must be in house 2 days before start of Production

  • All Payments must be finalized before entering the schedule

  • RUSH Service Available.



5-6 Business Day Turnaround: add 30%

3-4 Business Day Turnaround: add 40%

2 Business Day Turnaround: add 50%



  • All Quotes for stitch counts may vary greatly, so final counts are based on .DST we out proof, prior to running job. For stitch count estimates, art must be attached to quote

  • We will not embroider on non-standard material

  • Orders over 1,000 pieces please call for Information and Times of Production

  • If your garment requires multiple locations that will add to Production time

  • Sew outs $10.00

  • All shirts folded at no cost

  • We are not responsible for the sew out results of DST files supplied by customer

  • Any order that requires personalizations or number require 7 additional business days of production

  • Sew out samples may not match the garment color ordered by customer. Stitching may vary on texture of fabric

  • When ordering hats, customers must supply at least 2 extra for sew out sample, if you opt not to supply the extra than you must except the final sew out

  • All stitches rounded to the next thousand

  • We do not combine Shirts and Hats in quantity pricing



  • Digitizing $50 for Left Chest and or Hat

  • Digitizing for Full Back is $150-$250

  • All edits:$40.00

  • Sport Performance Fabric: Add $.50 special backing per piece

  • Back of Hats: $3.00 per hat Text only, with font logo under 5,000 stitches

  • Special Thread: Metallic Add $1.50 per item

  • Thread Color Change: Add $.50 per item


Shipping and Receiving of Goods:

  • Sorting Bulk orders: $100.00 per hour

  • Drop Shipping: Add $8.00 per location

  • Unpacking of Goods: removal of bags, pins, tags, color boards etc: Add $.30 per item

  • All shirts are folded no charge

  • Allow one week extra for orders with Embroidery and Screen Printing

  • International Shipments: $50.00 service charge plus international freight and shipping charges. Call for Quote


Shipping Cost: are based on weight, size of shipping box, and zip code. We use UPS ground unless you specify otherwise on PO. Please indicate if we will be shipping to a residence or business. Wrong addresses are subject to a $30.00 fee each UPS change

Shipping Insurance: request must be on PO with value to insure above $100.


How to Order

  1. Find your products.

  2. Request a Quote.

  3. We will respond to your quote via email to discuss details.

  4. accept the quote by return email, we will email an invoice to you with a link to pay online.

  5. Once you pay we will digitize your logo, and email you a digital rendering of it for your approval usually within a couple of days.

  6. Once we have your approval and final payment, we will place order into production and ship or arrange pickup usually within two weeks, sooner if required. 


All orders can have up to 5% under run. Some shirts could be damaged during the embroidery process or distributor shorts us one. Because of this we cannot guarantee that you will receive 100% of the garments in our order. We strongly recommend ordering a few extras to account for this possibility.  Allow 2% damage for lights and 4% on darks whatever is greater. Also for Tri-Blended Pigment Dyed Good along with Polyester please allow 4% on white and 8% on colors. We always strive to give you everything you ordered, however if there is a shortage with your order, we will refund or credit you for the difference.  



 A few guidelines to embroidery:


Custom Embroidered Logos & Designs first start with embroidery digitizing that is the art of creating embroidery stitches from text or graphic art. Email us your logo, artwork or text requirements. Free estimates. We accept most file formats: AI, EPS, PDF, JPEG, GIF, TIF, files. Describe what you would like to do including log, text or design size & placement (front, back, pocket, sleeve, etc...) Once we receive all your information, we will e-mail you a complete price quote. Digitizing is a one time expense. Once your artwork, or logo is digitized you can reorder as many times as you would like. 

Fabric Guidelines: Embroidery is done with needle and thread, there is a limit to the amount of stitching any fabric can hold. Logos in excess of 10,000 stitches may cause slight pulling on the surrounding fabric, especially on very lightweight, stretchy, loose, weave fabrics. Such as T-Shirts, Lycra, Spandex, Polyester knits/blends, mesh, and rayon fabrics. If your logo requires higher stitch counts over 10,000  than you might want to choose a fabric than has a heavyweight to it, higher ounce weight to it like 6-7 ounces. High quality fabrics with tight weaves work well. Denim, double pique, oxfords cloth, cotton canvas, poplin, twill, wool, fleece, and micro fiber. Many polo shirts say jersey knit which means no heavier than a tee shirt. 

Embroidery will always look great on a strong fabric, closely knit fabric. Soft plush fabrics will let stitches sink in. Embroidery will not look good. 

Embroidery thread is stronger and heavier than the fabric. 

Left Chest sizes vary depending what you are having done. Logos placed on shirts or jackets for left chest should not exceed 3 x 3.75 inches in size . Most logos being embroidered on a pocket shirt are placed above the pocket not on them. If the logo is square, 1.5 to 2 inches one a side and 2 to 2.5 inches for circular logos.

Embroidery for back of Jackets or hoodies usually are 12 x 12.

Embroidery on Hats can be a challenge. Hats have a limited sewing field due to machine constraints. Depending on the style of the hat, sizes range from 1.75" up to 3" high . Low profile style or unstructured hats should only be about 2" high, but higher profile hats with a bit more stiffness and structure to them can be a little larger 3" but not always the case. Since hats have a natural curve to them, there is limited room to where the embroidery machine can move or operate properly. The width of the logo can be 4" to 5", as well as being embroidered on the sides and back.

Embroidery on Visors can prove to be another challenge. Visors have minimal work area. The maximum vertical area for embroidery is usually 3/4" to 1" high. Text works great or a very simple small logo.

What about that hat that has embroidery on the brim to all over. They are Manufactured Hat, they are made that way. Fabric is embroidered on before being made. We do not embroider on the Bill, Straps, Velcro. 

Text and Lettering: Small lettering is tricky. Letters that are too small are hard to embroider well. There are considerable differences in capital letters and lower case letters. Fonts that have a lot of detail or small lines on the end of letters do not embroider well. Outlining of fonts and narrow lined, scripts should not have outlines unless 1/2 inches high. Font sizes must be at least 1/4 inches high or a font size of 24 as a minimum. It is best to keep lettering that is small in all upper case letters rather than one with serifs when you are embroidering lettering that is small. Making small lettering work to your satisfaction often means making adjustments to allow for you fabric type an the size and style of lettering. Many times the customers request might not be acceptable for embroidery. You cannot have letters so small that you are creating stitches that will be stitching on top of each other that cause holes in fabric and thread break. We have many fabric styles and types. Knits such as piques are tough and create many problems with small lettering. Stitches want to sink into the fabric and you have to control this with underlay and that creates too many stitches. It is best to keep your small letters at 6 millimeters if at all possible.

Color Blending: It is the transition from one color to the next color. It is very difficult to accomplish in a small embroidered logo. It is difficult to adjust the segments of thread. We advise against the use of this process.

Caps or Shirts: Garments and caps are done on different frames to hold the fabric securely. Logos that have outlines are more difficult to embroider on caps since the cap might move slightly between the stitching. Sewing out a design on a cap that has a seam we need to know that the center of the logo is centered with the seam.

Choosing Colors: The relationship between the colors in your logo and the color of fabric will depend on the overall look of the logo. We suggest adjusting the text, or wording to suit the color of fabric so it shows up well. If it is a one color logo than we can adjust the color to work on shirt color. We can work with you in choosing a color thread to color of garment.